UPDATE! April 1, 2011 A.D. Nature & mankind have conspired to make this epic age we are living in challenging to the strongest of us. We must become as whole people as we can be: mentally, physically and spiritually. We must make prayer action, and every act a prayer. We must reach within ourselves for memories of teachings of our people, our parents, our mentors, our racial DNA, our shared global friends, our own memories of the skills, wisdom and good & bad outcomes of our own actions. We must ask forgiveness of each other and ask all beings of the planet, and the planet & our Maker for forgiveness. We must rise to the occasion & reduce suffering for others, and those closest to us, and those yet unborn, even.

The Hopi Elders have come forward stating we must pray for each other, and be compassionate to one another and love mother earth once again; and they add: plant gardens. Change must begin within us, with those around us, and in what we do in our own backyard and front yard. Plants the seeds of the heart, and the seeds of the earth. Only this way will a new age come into light. This site “Our Garden of Secrets,” will share my insights for being at one with nature, growing our own food, watching our health, staying in LOKAHI, as the Hawaiians call balance & harmony: Body, Soul & Mind, -all ONE. Meditation methods, breath control, visualizing a new life, dream analysis, mental projection, sources of healthy foods & seeds, and farming methods under cataclysmic challenges will be offered freely. Chapters of my book are unfolding daily on Facebook and, here.

I am also offering free 1st time consultation for people wanting to move their lives inside, outside or both. Hawaii and New Zealand are still great options for starting a New Life. Over thirty years ago my mate and I foresaw the cataclysmic times we are now entered into. We first attempted to move to New Zealand, could not, so Hawaii was our next choice. Both are good choices, and there are others.I may be contacted by e-mail, so long as the traffic will bear: No phone calls accepted, however.



  1. aelbert aehegma Says:

    Also Visit

    garden tips, philosophy, poems, extreme nature experiences…The Blue Wheelbarrow, The Empty Bucket Chapters to be released, free serial book release

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