Aelbert Aehegma, Internationally Exhibited Artist Calls for Artists Worldwide to Take Responsible Social Action (via Aelbert Aehegma’s Weblog)

Artist will be seen as not so elite if they get down with the people and help them. More and more celebrities travel to third world countries and disaster areas. Once there, they are struck by the suffering and poverty, and more often than not set up relief funds, benefit concerts, donate theiur own money, and often return to the same areas that opened their hearts to the suffering of others.

Often their creative works, song, paintings, performances exhibit at least in some cases,they their compassion has created a new statement with their art. The Artist through their art alone can change lives alot faster than wars, and large fund raising orgnizations. Artists of the new age are more compassionate it seems than in former centuries.


Internationally exhibited Hawaii Artist, Aelbert Aehegma challenges creative people of all genres worldwide to take responsibility in their local, state, national and international human services, agricultural, and politics of freedom, rights and justice. A longtime adherrent of  social change, environmental protection, Artists' Rights, art in education, and art in action, Mr. Aehegma has recently been nominated to Cambridge Who's Who adding to h … Read More

via Aelbert Aehegma's Weblog


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