Now is the time for all good people, (or not so great folks) to improve ourselves. Earth Changes are upon us, and the reality of change has touched most everyone’s lives. Cosmic events, relating to earth changes, relating to nations and government, relating to disaster response, relating to creative answers for everything imaginable, down to number one, you & me, -are ever more apparent in our daily lives.

If everything we see, and all we do not see is interrelated, and indeed it is so, then, to what degree do we affect our immediate environments, that in turn affects our family and communities, our nation, and the planet. One person can make a difference. An individual can influence the next person to improve themselves, and so on, a multiplier affect. It is highly doubtful that we can change major cosmic events or great disasters, but we can change how we relate to change, how we help bring about better, rather than worse outcomes during changes of any magnitude, or extended challenges.

There is a saying, “one yogi in  his room can change the planet.” How? one might ask. By transforming himself, the yogi can become healthier, balanced, and at peace. He is operating at a higher vibration level. He may also be in better shape to respond to emergencies around him, or  moire clear minded, in order to extend creative answers to problems, or simple rational resolves to all manner of societal complexities, for he has simplified his own life.

Meeting this person, one might be surprised at meeting him a year later. He is not the same person; he has brought balance to his life in mind, body and spirit. Therefore, he is more in tune with his nature, all of nature, the planet and the universe.Most spiritual paths and religions help in a societal way to connect individuals with their concept of God; well, that it connecting one to the greater universe, created by God, the stellar bodies, the earth, nature, nations, communities, families and finally, you & me.        -By Aelbert,  Copyright

This Article may be reproduced & shared  for non-commercial purposes.

The above essay, is  practical philosophizing; examples of this sort of writing are found in my book being prepared for publication entitled Our Garden of Secrets. Stand By, more excerpts and  Chapter from the Book are forthcoming.; one Chapter, entitled the ‘Empty Bucket,’ will appear on this Blog in October. The best of my Blogs,quotes, poetry, journal entries and other writings online will also be available as a Blog Book, soon.

Announcement: My Award-winning book, TURTLE DANCE will be out in its first reprint this year.

EXILE OF LOVE, an anthology of  my poems, memoirs, prose and original art is currently being edited for release, as well.

My Current activities include Painting Portraits on Commission, landscapes and tropical floral paintings for my Artist-in-Residence Exhibition at The Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Big Island, Hawaii. Artist-in-Residence one-man exhibit, Paniolo (Cowboy) Art of Hawaii for Kahua Ranch Visitor Events,  One-man Exhibit for The Annual Pacific Studio Exhibition from September 15 through November 30, 2010. Other Exhibits to be announced. I was also honored to be listed with The International Cambridge Who’ Who for 2010.

Inquires for Public Appearances, lectures, exhibits, art purchases, commissions, Pacific Art Design Products, “An Aelbert,” Brand Designs, Contact Kalama         Visit:


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