Hawaii Artist Calls for World Artists to Take Global Action


Throughout History Aware Governments Have Employed the Education, Socializing Skills, & Notoriety of their National Artists. However, in Modern Times, Few Governments Call Upon Such Skilled & Honored, Notable Nationally & Internationally Known Artists as Cultural Ambassadors.

Many Performing Artist, Especially Musicians, Singers, and Actors Rather Assume the Self-Appointed Role of World Ambassadors for their Particular Causes they Wish to Support, ~in The Recent Past.

More of Us Artists Need to Assume World Leadership as the Voices of the Known Artists are Listened to, not only by international Citizens, but also by Political Leaders. Rather, Most Nations Would Prefer to Silence their Artists. & Do So By Not Utilizing their Skills, Most Likely because They Fear the Artist May Speak to Close to the Honest Truth of What Needs to Be Done for World Peace & Harmony, and THOSE Topics may Interfere with National Agendas. Comments Welcomes


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